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In recent years financial markets have been the source of both disastrous shocks and windfall profits. Even if your core interests aren’t focused on macroeconomics, understanding current trends could help you manage your business and family finances with greater ease. Knowing the right answers to questions regarding investment decisions, choosing the most appropriate financial instruments or the best currency in which to keep savings will boost both your finances and your self-confidence.

At Arbat Capital, we don’t just sell you financial services. We help you successfully manage your wealth. Our team of experts processes all available data on the world economy and global markets. Based on this thorough research, we provide our own analysis of the situation. Striving to fully comprehend the mechanisms behind the market trends of today and tomorrow, our investment professionals apply a truly global approach. While we have offices in Moscow and London, we have no geographic limitations in our search for value. We look for investment opportunities across the globe - from Australia and South Africa to Japan and the United States.

We offer a wealth of expertise and professional advice that will help you develop a better understanding of ways to maximize your wealth. Capital preservation can only be achieved through stable growth in the value of your investments that exceeds the rate of inflation. It would be our pleasure to discuss our investment strategies, with special emphasis on macroeconomic and political research, with you in detail.

We look forward to speaking with you. 

Alexey Golubovich Founder of Arbat Capital

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