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Report Oil Market Report - October 2016 Vitaly Gromadin

November 30 meeting in Vienna will be an answer for further price direction. The most probable outcome is expected to be some minor actions from Saudi Arabia and its allies. This scenario looks already priced in. It is also our base-case and we retain ou...

Strategy Oil market: is it time for correction? Speculative long positions and OPEC output reached all time highs. Alexander Orlov

We see opportunities to profit from the short position in Brent crude oil futures with entry @ $52.5-55 and a target of $44-46.

Oil, market, correction

Strategy Oil Market Report - September 2016 Sergey Fundobny

In September 2016 the crude oil market continued side trading within a narrower than a month before range of $44-50 per bbl.

Negative yields are not forever: debt market bubble will explode someday Alexey Golubovich

The start of the bear market is not far away, but now the market is only forming the top

News A Strong Dollar Hurts China More Than the U.S.

Economists predict the Asian nation will loosen its currency’s link to the greenback and allow the yuan to depreciate

dollar, yuan

Report WesternZagros: Profitable and Undervalued Vitaly Gromadin

Great Oil Resources Profitable At $26 And Dramatically Undervalued

oil, investment

Comment Russians Sell Ruble Yulia Bushueva

As State Media Says Crisis Under Control

ruble, dollar

Comment Russian Billionaires Affected by Sanctions Yulia Bushueva

Russian Mining Tycoons Seek to Trim Debt as Sanctions Sting

sanctions, Russia

Comment Russia May Switch into Hong Kong Dollars Alexey Golubovich

Hong Kong Defends Peg as Sanctions Fuel Russian Cash Flows

sanctions, Hong Kong dollar

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Profitable and Undervalued

WesternZagros: Great Oil Resources Profitable At $26 And Dramatically Undervalued