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Comment Lenta IPO Said Set to Raise $1 Billion as Price Range Narrowed

Shareholders weren’t greedy and set a reasonable price range from the very beginning

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Comment VimpelCom Declines Most Since 2012 after Omitting Dividend

Investors want to see the money here and now, that’s why for the stock market it’s definitely negative news

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Opinion Five Ideas for Growth

How will investors generate returns in 2014?

equity, dividends

Opinion US Remains Most Attractive Market

Emerging market stocks look cheap after the sell-off, but this is an illusion. Buy America


Opinion The Hunt for Dividends: What Generates Return?

The summer sell-off is no reason to panic. Look for companies whose owners need the cash- they should pay handsome dividends


Comment Vuitton Tones Down Bling in Russia as Wealthy Go Discreet

When the Soviet Union collapsed 22 years ago, Russian women quickly cast off dowdy proletarian garb in favor of glitz such as ultra-tight sequined dresses and towering heels


Opinion Who Will Take the Reins at Gazprom?

Rumors of Alexei Miller’s resignation resurfaced this spring and have already led to a 10% rise in Gazprom’s share price


Comment Yeltsin-Era Tycoons Sell Resources for Distance From Kremlin

Russian billionaires who made their fortunes buying commodities assets in the 1990s are exiting natural resources to gain independence as Kremlin-backed oligarchs take their place


Comment Arbat Capital Chases Global Stocks, Russia Index no Bargain

The low valuation of Russia’s biggest equities index is illusory and global stocks offer a better investment


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