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Report Banking Sector Report - February 2017 Mikhail Zavaraev

In February US Banks added +4.9% (the closing price on Friday, February 24) vs +3.9% of S&P 500 Index. However, SPX slightly outperforms financial sector YTD: +5.7% vs +4.4% of BKX index. Current absolute February performance is just +0.6 StD from the me...

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Report Oil Market Report - January 2017 Vitaly Gromadin

Crude oil market was trading in a narrow range above $50 per bbl in January. It looks like this period of low volatility will come to the end soon and risks are skewed to the downside.

Report Banking Sector Report - January 2017 Mikhail Zavaraev

The best performance was showed by Signature (SBNY), Suntrust (STI) and Bank of America (BAC), each of which added more than 5%.


Report Oil Market Report - Dec-2016 Vitaly Gromadin

Implementation of the deal and new promises from Saudi Arabia will be important for the price to stay above this floor. Following the agreement, OPEC had to cut its production from January 1. The price is high and only traders’ mistrust in OPEC promises ...


Report Oil Market Report - November 2016 Vitaly Gromadin

In November 2016 the crude oil market returned to above $50 per bbl levels on agreement among OPEC members to cut production in the first half of 2017 to a target of about 32.7 mln bbl / d. The deal was made possible by Saudi Arabia’s willingness to supp...

Report Banking Sector Report - December 2016 Mikhail Zavaraev

In December US banks continue to grow rapidly. US banking Index (BKX) added 6.7% vs.3.0% of S&P 500 Index (the closing price on Friday, December 23). Current absolute December performance is +0.9StD from the mean monthly performance since the 1992 and th...

Comment Banking Sector Report - November 2016 Mikhail Zavaraev

In November US banks showed skyrocketing growth due to very optimistic expectations of pro-banking policy of the new President.

Report Oil Market Report - October 2016 Vitaly Gromadin

November 30 meeting in Vienna will be an answer for further price direction. The most probable outcome is expected to be some minor actions from Saudi Arabia and its allies. This scenario looks already priced in. It is also our base-case and we retain ou...

Strategy Oil market: is it time for correction? Speculative long positions and OPEC output reached all time highs. Alexander Orlov

We see opportunities to profit from the short position in Brent crude oil futures with entry @ $52.5-55 and a target of $44-46.

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