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Oil Market Report - June 2022

The rally on crude oil markets resumed an upward trend in May 2022 after a stall in April 2022, with major futures contracts ICE Brent and NYMEX WTI showed positive monthly dynamics four times in the last five months. Crude oil prices were mainly driven ...

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Oil Market Report - May 2022

Crude oil prices moved modestly lower in April 2022 on a monthly average basis amid a market selloff, losing almost 6% comparing to the average price in March 2022. The market retreated from the recent multi-year highs as short-term oil supply concerns t...

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Oil Market Report - April 2022

Crude oil prices soared further in March 2022 extending the previous month’s large gains. The market continued to be driven by rising concerns about a potential large oil supply shortage amid escalating geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe, as well as...

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Oil Market Report - March 2022

Crude oil prices surged further by about 10% in February 2022 with ICE Brent averaging above $94 / bbl. Continuing bullish oil market fundamentals and escalating geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe, which raised worries about potential large oil supp...

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Oil Market Report - February 2022

Crude oil prices ended January 2022 substantially higher compared with the previous month. Crude oil quotes were driven up by both strong global oil market fundamental and non-fundamental factors. Thus, oil prices recovered from December 2021 lows as mar...

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Oil Market Report - January 2022

Crude oil prices declined in December 2021 for the second consecutive month on a monthly average basis, falling further from multiyear highs registered in October 2021, amid persistent market volatility that remained fuelled by rising uncertainty regardi...

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Oil Market Report - December 2021

Crude oil prices ended November 2021 sharply lower after broad sell-offs in futures and equity markets triggered by fears that the rapid spread of the new Omicron variant could derail the global economic and oil demand recovery. Market sentiment worsened...

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Oil Market Report - November 2021

Crude oil prices rallied in October 2021, mainly driven by worries about the supply turmoil in the Europe’s and Asia’s power sector ahead of the winter season, and soaring energy prices, particularly for gas and coal, to historically high levels in Europ...

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What has happened with EU gas market (and in less extent globally) in 2021,which lead to 100% + increase in natural gas prices? We should, first of all, focus on the natural factors and the mostly non-professional reaction of the EU regulators (and the g...

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