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What has happened with EU gas market (and in less extent globally) in 2021,which lead to 100% + increase in natural gas prices? We should, first of all, focus on the natural factors and the mostly non-professional reaction of the EU regulators (and the governments of some countries) on the problem, raised in the current year. The main reasons for the temporary shortage and the huge gas price jump in 2021

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Oil Market Report - January 2022

Crude oil prices declined in December 2021 for the second consecutive month on a monthly average basis, falling further from multiyear highs registered in October 2021, amid persistent market volatility that remained fuelled by rising uncertainty regarding the impact of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant and its effect on the global economy and oil demand. Uncertainties about the effectiveness of available vaccines against Omicron and a warning from the World Health Organization stating that “the overall risk related to the new variant of concern Omicron remains very high” added worries to the oil market. 

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Banking Sector Monthly Report - December 2021

US banks underperformed noticeably in the last trading month of the year (as of December 23, 2021), the third consecutive month of underperformance despite to hawkish Fed and a growth of the rate expectations. Thus, BKX index decreased by 0.3% MtD vs +3.5% MtD of SPX index, the fourth month of positive dynamics over the last five. Absolute December performance (if the month ended on December 23) was -0.1 std from the mean monthly performance. 

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Oil Market Report - December 2021

Crude oil prices ended November 2021 sharply lower after broad sell-offs in futures and equity markets triggered by fears that the rapid spread of the new Omicron variant could derail the global economic and oil demand recovery. Market sentiment worsened due to a lack of information about the severity of this new variant, while news reports amplified concerns that the 

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