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Arbat Capital provides a wide range of consulting services

We are ready to offer a full spectrum of products — from research to bespoke individual investment strategies depending on the client's preferences and appetite for risk. Deciding in which currency to hold your savings? Looking for a reliable bank? Considering whether to buy gold or invest in Apple? Maybe you would like to invest abroad? We will help you choose, as well as put you in touch with a professional wealth manager and an experienced tax expert. We can also advise on international real estate purchases, investing in the arts, and finding a suitable school in the United Kingdom for your children.

Our services and products

  • Research and Analysis (periodical and tailored for the client) on specific countries, sectors, or individual companies
  • Bespoke investment strategies for individuals and companies based on the scale of capital and risk tolerance
  • Currency investment strategies   
  • Precious metals strategies   
  • Liquid assets strategies   
  • Consulting on investment in real estate in the U.S. and the European Union, as well as investments in related financial instruments